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Idea Unsound

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Idea Unsound is a Music producer, DJ, creative technologist, & educator

Live Performances

MaxMSP & Ableton Livecode live audio-visual set @ Gray Area | Idea Unsound & Isorhythmics

MaxMSP & Ableton Livecode live audio-visual set @ Gray Area | Idea Unsound & Isorhythmics

Performed live on Thursday October 27th, 2022. During AVClub's Hexcode Algorave, algorithmic dance party at Gray Area in San Francisco, CA. Visuals with MaxMSP with captured video footage from custom built analog video synthesizers. Audio created with Ableton and the Ableton Livecode library ( - Idea Unsound - Isorhythmics Event info: Performers: - Celeste Betancur - Olivia Jack [Berlin] - Dan Gorelick (, ) - Andy Rolfes [NYC] - Kin Sventa - Melanie - Spatial [London] (audio and viz) - Idea Unsound - Isorhythmics - haute.rod - R Tyler - Polyscopes - Sideb0ard x Sideb0ard / - - Nobel - Errorbesque - Gray Crawford More info about AVClub. - -

Musical Releases

Album links point to Bandcamp and Apple music, but Idea Unsound music is available on all streaming platforms

Idea Unsound
on SoundCloud

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Idea Unsound is a left-field electronic music producer, DJ, algorithmic dance (“algorave”) musician, and professor of music technology that uses code and technology as an instrument to create explosive, thought-provoking electronic dance & concept music. His craft is strongly influenced by his classical training, his love for science and technology, and his roots in dance music. His sound has been described by others as ‘jazz-inspired electronic music with a futuristic twist’. He has even previously co-founded an audio-based startup called Seeq Audio, which focuses on bringing intelligent multimedia audio solutions to media developers.



    IU uses an assortment of audio-visual tools to create immense, audio-visual installations and performances with Ableton as the centerpiece. He has played alongside Suzanne Ciani, Sweaterbeats, XXYYXX, and Pat Lok among others, and has worked with the SF Ballet, Marin County Theater company, and a host of independent artists as a composer/ music producer. He has performed not only throughout the bay area, but was also invited to the international computer music conference in Shanghai, China, to perform new music and lecture about his use of Ableton Live in an audio-visual environment, seen by more than 500 international conference attendees, as well as the WISE musical think-tank in Berlin. Currently, he is signed to one of the leading global music distributors and creative platforms, AWAL

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